Who the bleep is Herbalmoney?

We are part of a global company called Healwheel. For almost a decade, we’ve been making money under the radar, perfecting our game and making 20+ nutra offers extremely profitable in 30 different languages through our internal media buying departments.

Herbalmoney was created because like all great companies, we want to be bigger, better, faster and stronger. And we concluded that by sharing the responsibility (and rewards) of demand generation, we can focus on creating even more competitive offers: awesome products for consumers, highly optimized websites and persuasion systems that help us, and everyone around us, make more money.

... So in a nutshell,

Herbalmoney is the business unit of Healwheel in charge of selectively creating and cultivating business relationships with CPA Networks.

Nice to meet you :)

Who should be doing
business with us?

Herbalmoney is structured to be Healwheel’s innovation lab, with new perspectives, software infrastructure and processes. Applying a lean innovation model globally would be messy, so we named our fastest growing market to be our guinea pig: BRAZIL.

If your network has serious traction in Brazil, talk to us – you will be excited.

If you are a technology vendor, service provider or internet/nutrition/business guru that can (really) help us reach higher, please hit us up too.

If you are awesome, but Brazil is not as important for your company as it is for us, no hard feelings.
We will roll out into new countries in the near future – so stay tuned and
feel free to give us your contact info.

Our mantra